You Choose The Lesson Method Best To Suit Your Needs!
  • Lessons Using Skype
  • Chat Lessons
  • Lessons Over Regular Phone

  • Email Exchanges:
    Written Grammar Exercises,
    Explanations, Corrections,
    Personalized Vocabulary Lists etc.
  • Translation Services Too!
    Have a Letter or Document
    Translated to
    or from German!
Personalized Lessons For:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

  • Subjects Covered:

  • Pronounciation
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Conversation

  • Full One Hour Lessons!

    You will receive full one-hour lessons for better
    and effective comprehension.

    Homework will be emailed to you after each lesson is received and is to be
    completed and returned for
    teacher review before your next lesson
    is scheduled.


    You will receive quick answers to any homework questions you may have.

    All lessons include going over the
    homework from the previous lesson and answering any questions that you may have before continuing with the next.

    You can customize your lessons to
    fit your needs!

    Start learning German
    today through the convenience of Skype!

    Easy and Flexible Lessons Scheduled!

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    Download it for free here!


    Start learning German today!

    Affordable Lessons!

    All one-hour lessons are just $30.00
    45 minute lessons $23.00
    30 minute lessons $16.00

    They include all required subject matter, materials
    and homework!

    No additional text or workbooks are required!


    You pay only for the lessons that you take
    as long as you cancel or postpone
    at least 24 hours before
    the next lesson is scheduled.

    To inquire, or
    start with your lessons,
    please contact us:

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