You Choose The Lesson Method Best To Suit Your Needs!

  • Lessons Using Skype
  • Chat Lessons
  • Lessons Over Regular Phone

  • Email Exchanges:
    Written Grammar Exercises,
    Explanations, Corrections,
    Personalized Vocabulary Lists etc.
  • Translation Services Too!
    Have a Letter or Document
    Translated to
    or from German!

Personalized Lessons!

I provide you with all the learning material (custom-tailored to your needs) for each lesson.


After the lesson, I will email you homework
that you will email back to me
after completion.

I then correct it and send it back to you.

At the beginning of the following class,
we go over it together and clarify any questions/problems you
may have.


Usually language teachers try to impress you with advertising a special method they teach.

If you really want to learn you will, no matter
which method is used. If you really do not,
then you wont, and no method in the world
will be able to teach you!

The T .T. T. Method!

The only “method” I use for my
classes is:

T . T . T.
(Test, Teach, Test).

First I find out what your language learning
background / knowledge is and what
your goals are.

For instance, if you need German for your business, then you will need to use
a different vocabulary than somebody
who just wants to learn enough
German for travel, or to be able to talk to
their German friends.

--------------- ------------
Start learning German today!

Customized Lessons!

I will be the Director of your classes,
but you will be the Producer!

You decide how often you want lessons,
and whether or not you want your
lessons to be spoken
in German only.


Whether you want the camera on or off,
or whether you want more conversation,
more writing etc...
It's up to you!

You can always tell me your ideas, and
I will adjust our lessons accordingly.

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